American Society of Marine Artists

Fee Schedules for
New Member Applications, Annual Member Fees and Other Fees

For a Non-Member applying for Signature Membership only  (Note: Submissions take place annually, Mar. - Apr.  Do not make any payment until announcement published):
$75 application fee for Signature Member
$85.00 membership fee if/when selected to Signature Member status

To submit your payment, please follow the prompts in the boxes below. If you would like to add a comment with your payment click here.

Membership Fees
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NOTE: If you choose the wrong member status, simply reselect your status and start over.

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ASMA welcomes and appreciates your additional contribution to support the goals of the Society in the amount of $

Other Fees

Select the quantity desired, then select applicable shipping costs for catalog orders:

ASMA 15th National catalog:
ASMA Members with work in the 15th National Exhibition: $10.00 ea.
+ select S/H amount below

All other ASMA Members: $16.95 ea.
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Non ASMA Members: $21.95 ea.
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Shipping & Handling for 15th National Catalog

International Shipping:

Note: * Due to the larger number of pages, only 2 copies of the 15th catalog will fit in the flat-rate Priority envelope.

Should you prefer to order by mail, please send a check or money order (must be drawn on a US Bank Account), payable to ASMA, along with your name, shipping address and phone number. Mail your information to:

15th National Color Catalog
PO Box 247 • Smithfield, VA 23431


Fees for upcoming Regional exhibitions:
( ) One image – $7.00
( ) Two images – $14.00
( ) Three images – $21.00