Non-Members interested in Signature Member Status

Artists are welcome to apply for Signature Member status without becoming a Regular Member first. The opportunity to do so, however, occurs only once annually, in March-April, followed by review and evaluation of the artist’s digitally-submitted work by ASMA’s Fellows.

Each artist selected will be personally informed/congratulated by a member of the Fellows’ jurying team, with the complete list of those selected for Signature Member and Fellow published in the Summer issue of the quarterly ASMA News & Journal. Signature Membership fees ($85.00) are payable only if the artist is selected; otherwise, only the submission fee is due at the time of application.
If the artist is not selected, and in any case, he/she is encouraged to join ASMA as a Regular Member (fee:  $50.00).


Please consider submitting your work for Signature or Fellow Membership in the ASMA.

Submissions will be accepted from Saturday, March 1 through Sunday, March 30, 2014.  Please see instructions below.

  • Applications for Signature Member can only be made on-line through Juried Art Services.
  • A portfolio with at least 12 images is to be submitted, identifying the title, size and medium of each work, together with a brief resumé, name, address and email,  and stating whether you are already a Member or have ever been a Signature Member.
  • Signature Members are entitled to use the initials ASMA after their name, and exhibit their works on the ASMA website.
  • A non refundable submission fee of $75.00 is payable on-line by credit card.

  • Specifications for digital images:  Follow Juried Art Services instructions for uploading
  • Candidates are asked for Biography information to be typed online or may submit additional material by mail. Candidates are advised to choose their images selectively:  the committee will be looking for a consistent body of artwork, not just one or two individual items of good quality.
  • Applicants submitting for consideration to ASMA Fellow status must first be a Signature Member in ASMA. Signature Members, particularly those who have exhibited with ASMA for some years are encouraged to apply for election to the Fellowship. Fellows are entitled to use the initials F/ASMA after their name.
  • Applications for Fellowship are to be made by US MAIL.  Submit a disc with a minimum of 20 images, identifying each image: title, size, medium, and roughly the year of execution. 
  • Submit at the same time a Word document with resumé, and a check for $130 non refundable.-. (marked Fellowship Application fee). Checks are made out to ASMA.
  • Specifications for digital images:  150 dpi at 8” x 10”. Sculpture requires 2 views of each piece.
  • Mailing Address: Len Mizerek 333 East 14th Street, Apt. # 7J, New York, NY 10003
  • The Fellows are responsible for maintaining the artistic standards and managing the artistic affairs of the Society. Those members submitting for Fellow should do so with the understanding that, if elected, he or she will be encouraged to contribute to the Fellowship or the Society in some fashion best suited to their individual artistic excellence and/or professional experience.

To become a Regular Member

Should you learn about requirements for becoming a Signature Members after the deadline, or decide not to apply for Signature Member Status, you have the opportunity of enjoying the benefits of ASMA at any time by becoming a Regular Member. To do so, select one of the two ways to “Join ASMA”.