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Schooner Sacramento Departing Albion, California, David Thimgan, oil, 21" X 38"


.........“With the exception of San Diego, Pacific Coast Seaports do not have a long history compared to those on the Atlantic Coast.  Most were developed in the American Period, after 1850, some in the face of spectacular adversity.  While the Atlantic Seaboard has many excellent natural harbors, lengthy protected river estuaries, and miles of flat beaches, the Pacific shore drops away steeply and offers few safe anchorages.  From Puget Sound in the north to San Francisco Bay on the central coast to San Diego in the south, the coastline is predominantly rocky cliffs punctuated by formidable river bars, capes and headlands that jut dangerously into the coastwise sea lanes.  Pacific Coast weather is cursed, from a mariner’s point of view, with unpredictable dense fogs and strong on-shore winds.”

–Wayne Bonnet
A Pacific Legacy
Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 1991


ASMA West is one of four regional divisions of ASMA, and it represents ASMA members in twenty-one states, primarily comprising the western half of the coterminous United States plus Hawaii and Alaska, and also the Fleet Post Office. The region has two elected representatives who act as a conduit between western US members and the Society as a whole. In addition there is a five-member ASMA West Executive Committee, who together with the regional reps act as a team to generate marine art events, exhibitions, paint outs, conferences, lectures and school activities in the various western sub-regions – southern California, northern California, Oregon, Washington and the Mountain States. This webpage is designed to facilitate two-way communication between the ASMA West team and the membership, to inform members of upcoming shows, workshops and other events that might be of interest to them, and to encourage both their input and participation in as many ways as they are able.

ASMA West Area Representatives:

Dutch Mostert in Bend, Oregon can be reached at email:
Bob Dykes in San Diego, California can be reached at email:



The 19th Annual Maritime Art Exhibit is being held at the Coos Art Museum from July 14 to September 22. This year’s Featured Artist is Harold W. Johnson. Johnson is a member of ASMA as well as the International Society of Marine Painters and the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters. In the 18th Annual Coos Art Museum's Maritime Exhibit, he won both the "People's Choice Award" and the "Port Award." He has also exhibited with Arts for the Parks -- National Parks at the Smithsonian, the National Wilderness Show and the Pacific Rim Wildlife Show. He is largely self taught, and has been painting full-time since the late sixties. He recently took the second-place prize at the ISMP's International Waters Exhibit at the Ventura County Maritime Museum. Jurors for this year's maritime exhibit were ASMA Fellow Emeritus Norma Jay, Signature Member Alan Ryall and Member Buck Braden. Coincident with the opening of the exhibit is the Plein Air/Paint-Out event, in which painters get together for a day of painting outdoors and the paintings are auctioned as a benefit for the Museum. For more information go here.

Johnson My Friends

My Friends at the Dock, Oil by Harold W. Johnson, SeaTac, WA